Our client in the Cloverdale area of Surrey was looking to redo a pre-existing lawn, but because of this hand trenching was needed rather than the use of heavy machinery. This was needed to save the existing lawn.

The project design specifications called for a five (5) zone irrigation system, with a Hunter timer installed, as well as high efficiency Hunter MP rotator nosels.

The high efficiency Hunter nosels were required because we didn’t have access to the main water line to the house. So because we had no access to main water line, we had to gain access to water by using an exterior hose bib.

So the challenge when hooking up to outside water bib, the water volume and pressure is significantly lower. Therefore the use of the high efficiency Hunter MP rotator nosels is the solution for this issue because of such low requirements for both volume and pressure levels. Great solution and results.

Timeline: 2 days

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