Langley Glover Road


A two (2) acre project just south of the Hwy 1 area in Langley, in the Milner region, the client put in place a full seeded lawn during the hottest and driest time of the year: July and August. So because of this, needed a complete irrigation system in place to help the newly growing grass to take, and keep moist through to the fall.

We also put a full landscape lighting system along the long driveway under all the newly planted trees leading to the newly constructed home.

The solution for the project was a large, 14-zone irrigation system using our trencher and the mini excavator. Along with 35 Low voltage LED lights, of which were uplighting and path lighting. In terms of the irrigation system, we went with a Hunter timer and Rainbird wireless rain sensor. As well, sprinkler pop ups, rotors and Hunter valves installed.

The timeline for the entire project was five (5) days.

The project had a couple of large challenges: because the original lot was extremely uneven, the lot and house were needed to be built up and then leveled by using a huge section of rock. This made it difficult to trench and we had to compensate by doing a lot of digging, with great success!